Strengthen your immune system - your defense against illness.

Life-haus  Therapeutic Solutions, LLC               

Promoting mental health and wellness of mind, body, spirit.


Specialized Services
- Crisis Intervention
- Suicidality

- Depression
- Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
- Anger Management
- Bipolar Disorder
- Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
- Identity Issues

- Social Skills
- Family Conflicts, Parenting Issues
- Marital Issues, Divorce, Separation
- Bereavement, Grief Counseling

- Weight Management
- Health and Wellness

Collaborating Psychiatrists:  

Adrian Sondheimer, MD - Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

Jacob Jacoby, MD - Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist, specializing in Substance Abuse & Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) 

Now Available:

  •  CyberScan Professional Medical & Neurological Biofeedback 
  • Ultimate Immune Balancing           Technology face-to-face or remotely, 100% natural therapy to strengthen immune system
  • FDA Registered; German advanced technology & training

New York City:
19 W. 34th St. Penthouse
New York, NY 10001
 New Jersey:
600 So. Livingston Ave.
Suite #106
Livingston, NJ 07039
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What sets us apart is we first identify and address the stressors in your physical body before identifying and addressing your mental, emotional & spiritual stressors.  Our effective, whole-body system, holistic, and personal "best fit" strategy in our treatment, and clinical interventions instills hope in life.

*  Life-haus promotes mental health and wellness of mind, body and spirit.  

*  Life-haus is a licensed and registered provider of therapeutic and complementary treatment services. 

*  Life-haus provides evidence-based treatment.  

*  Let us help manifest your goals into reality, facilitate change, foster growth and achieve self-actualization.  

*  Discover how we promote, encourage and support  your efforts to healing, treatment, and wellness - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Take Charge of Your Health & Wellness!

  • Food is medicine, healthy eating
  • Digestion is everything, strong immune system
  • Clean living, make your environment safe
  • Natural detoxification and supplementation
  • Regular exercise/movement
  • Enough restful sleep
  • Create your passion and fun 


Certified nutraMetrix Health Professional


- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
- Psychodynamic
- Behavior Modification
- Exposure Therapy
- Relapse Prevention
- Play Therapy                    
- Strengths Based Therapy

 - Individual Therapy
- Couples Therapy
- Family Therapy
- Group Therapy

Wellness Program
- Psycho-education
- Effective Parenting
- Relaxation/Meditation
- Stress Management
- Faith-based Counseling

  • Have you ever wanted to ask your body exactly where it is "off" and exactly what it needs?
  • Think beyond traditional lab testing and consider the Cyberscan medical device.
  • Rapid, painless, and non-invasive assessments with immediate individualized treatment plans biologically matched to you.
  • FDA Approved...

CyberScan Professional Immune System Balancing Medical-Neurological Device

Certified CyberScan

Health Professional

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