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  • Now accepting registration inquiries for Post-abortion Healing and Support, and Grief/Loss/Bereavement. 
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  • Exclusive service provider of CyberScan, the most advanced medical and neurological biofeedback professional system from Germany to balance your immune system and promote healing and wellness.                                                         


Specialized Services
Crisis Intervention
Anxiety / Panic                      ADHD                                      Anger Management              Bipolar Disorder              Obsessive Compulsive D/O  Weight Management    Identity Issues                      Social Skills                          Parenting Issues                    Marital/Family Issues            Divorce / Separation              Complicated Grief/Loss       

Now Available:

  • CyberScan Professional Medical & Neurological Biofeedback System.
  • Advanced Immune Balancing  Technology, 100% natural therapy to strengthen immune system

FDA Registered advanced biofeedback technology from Germany.

Collaborating Psychiatrists: 

Adrian Sondheimer, MD - Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

Jacob Jacoby, MD - Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist, specializing in Substance Abuse & Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) 

Phone: (908) 494-2338
License #LCSW110005
New York License #080981-01
New Jersey 
License #44SC05287800
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Online appointments available. Now offering you secured video sessions. Online appointments allow you the same quality of care as in person, at your convenience. Feel free to schedule an online appointment.

Welcome to Good Health and Wellness...Life-haus Therapeutic Solutions!

  • A licensed and registered mental healthcare provider in California, New York, and New Jersey.
  • Certified and exclusive provider of CyberScan Biofeedback interventions.
  • Promotes therapeutic, energetic, and integrated treatment services for good mental health and wellness.
  • Mission Statement: To instill hope in life by providing appropriate support, and effective therapeutic interventions to promote healing, good mental health, and overall wellness. 
  • What sets us apart is our personalized,  integrated, holistic, and "best fit" strategy in our assessment and clinical interventions to promote health and wellness - mind, body, and spirit! 

"A healthy brain really depends on a healthy body,”  (Aron Troen, Ph.D., a neuroscientist at Tufts University.)

It's all about you! Take charge of Your Health & Wellness!

Your health and wellness regimen must include:

  • Healthy eating: Mindful of food as medicine, and a diet low in red meat and processed food. Eat food that promotes a healthy gut and avoid food that destroys the gut and triggers inflammation, where illness begins.
  • Clean living: Safe environment, regular exercise/movement, 8 hours of deep restorative sleep, stress management, and self-care promote good overall health and wellness.
  • Essential and natural supplementation is a necessary regimen to compensate for depleted nutrients from food processes.
  • The significant benefits of natural detoxification to cleanse the body with toxic substances that may impact one's health is key to starting one's journey to health and wellness. 
  • Create a strong support system from family and friends.
  • Creating a passion and joy for life.            ♥♣♦♥

Mind-Body-Spirit Integrative Interventions

Life-haus Therapeutic Solutions provide gut-brain health via therapeutic and integrative interventions, supplemented with CyberScan advanced German biofeedback  technology, and other natural alternative therapeutic interventions.

Treatment Methods:        Brief Crisis Intervention      Cognitive Behavioral            Therapy (CBT)            Psychodynamic                  Psychotherapy                Mindfulness                          Psychotherapy    Behavior Modification        Strengths-Based                  Therapy                            Couples/Marital Therapy    Biofeedback

Wellness Program          Mental Fitness                  Weight Management Effective Parenting            Meditation                          Post-Abortive Healing        Grief/Loss/Bereavement Natural Supplementation 

Think beyond traditional lab testing and consider the Cyberscan medical-neurological biofeedback device. Rapid, painless, and non-invasive assessments with individualized intervention. 

Introducing:          CyberScan Advanced Professional Medical & Neurological Biofeedback System for Immune System Balancing

Certified CyberScan Professional

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