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Balancing your immune system to promote healing, gut-brain health and wellness of mind, body and spirit.                                                                                                                                                             


Detection * Intervention * Prevention

Strengthen Your Immune System

About Us

    • PHILOSOPHY: Our evidence-based treatment supports our working principle of integrative and natural interventions in promoting health and wellness, of mind, body and spirit. We instill hope and balance in life, facilitate goals, and empower one's potentials to achieve a healthy and happy life.

    • MISSION STATEMENT: Life-haus is a licensed therapeutic, counseling and integrative treatment service provider with a wholistic orientation. We strive to creatively integrate and collaborate appropriate and "best fit" therapeutic interventions, CyberScan Advanced Medical and Neurological Biofeedback from Germany, psycho-education, products and/or services in our treatment approach to healing, recovery, good health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. It is our goal to balance the immune system to promote healing and wellness, and more importantly...balance in life.
      Integrative Medicine Team

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Desi Isidro, MSW, LCSW, CHP

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, crisis clinician, psychotherapist, psychologist, mental health and wellness specialist. 

New York University Alumni

Affiliated with Newark Beth Israel Medical Center 

Children’s Crisis Intervention Services

Psychiatry/Behavioral Health Department.

Managed an Intensive Partial Hospitalization Program  and Outpatient Program

Over a decade of private practice experience in clinical settings with different target populations

Specializes in children and adolescents, Autism & ADHD, depression, anxiety

Certified CyberScan Health Professional  and Trainer, specializing in advanced medical and neurological biofeedback from Germany to balance the immune system to facilitate healing and wellness.

Professional credentials:

    Bachelors in Psychology, Guidance and Counselng
    Masters in Clinical Social Work from New York University
    NYU Field Instructor
    State Certified Clinical Supervisor
    Germany-Certified CyberScan Health Professional and Trainer
    nutraMetrix Nutraceutical Health Professional

    Professional speaker on health and wellness
    Co-founder of St. John the Apolstle Counseling in New Jersey.

Professional memberships:

    National Association of Social Workers
    Essex County Psychotherapist Network
    Business Networking International
    Livingston Chamber of Commerce
    Powerful You Women's Networking
    Toastmasters Speak Easy, Livingston, NJ.

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Life-haus Therapeutic Solutions, LLC

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