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      To anyone who is in need of help from a therapist, please do yourself a big favor and call Desi Isidro at She has offices in NJ and NYC. In all of the 38 years I have gone to at least 12 different therapists, Desi is the only one who is helping me do things in my life I had feared, stand up for myself and feel proud of myself, deal with my childhood and dynamics in my family. Desi has an instinctive ability to guide you towards your realizations, formulate plans, look at problems and solve them and feel good about yourself and your decisions. Desi takes you on a trip down the a path and ensures that you leave her office feeling better than when you arrived. Desi is involved with helping children, couples and has so much experience and insight that she shares with you on each visit. She was at my house tonight, because I was too down to go out. She calls me when I'm in a crisis just to see if I'm ok. That's dedication!!!!!!!!!!!! So, if you need a feeling, caring, guiding therapist call Desi and begin your journey to feeling 100% better. - M.S.
      To know Desi, is a blessing; to work with her as a therapist is the most rewarding journey I have ever taken with anyone. In the 6+ years that I have been working with Desi, my outlook towards my issues have turned around 360 degrees. Her strong intuitiveness, her natural way of guiding me to realizations about myself that I had never understood, and the way she always asks the right questions caused me to dig deep and get in touch with my real feelings. Desi has a talent that other therapists do not have (in my experience with over 8 different therapists). She is naturally caring, naturally intuitive. She is persistent in drawing out your feelings and leading you down a path of discovery each and every time you meet with her. She works to end your session on a good note.
      Of all the people in my life, I am the most thankful to know Desi Isidro. She has made me stronger and stronger, each time we meet, and in between. Our sessions have led me to many "a-ha" moments and have set me free from my old thinking. I had this strong feeling she was the one who would help me from the day we met--literally bumping into each other in an office hallway--although I never imagined just how powerful her impact on my life would be. Do not wait, Desi can help you too.
      - J.S.

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Testimonial Photos

Before CyberScan(Prior to 09/01/2017)

Before 09/01/2017

After 2 CyberScan sessions only(Photo taken 09/29/2017)

After 09/20/2017

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